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NTx’s mission is to revolutionize the management of complex medical conditions with the next generation of integrated therapeutic products. Despite massive investment in research and development, there has been relatively little progress towards improving clinical outcomes for patients with complex medical conditions, including traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and many others. We finally understand why decades of excellent science has not efficiently translated into better clinical outcomes. Part of the answer is emerging from big-data. Cognitive computing has helped us to resolve the massively complex biomedical mechanisms underlying these challenging complex medical conditions, and these new insights are revealing a previously unrecognized need for multi-scalar approaches that intelligently integrate multimodal interventions. In other words, the computational modeling of complex mechanisms can be used to design more sophisticated approaches that address different dimensions of the disease at the same time. This is achieved by intelligently combining pharmacological interventions to act at the molecular scale, nanoparticles that act at the sub-cellular level, and devices that operate at the organ level. Armed with the power to design this next generation of integrated therapeutic solutions, NTx is taking a radically new approach to therapeutic product development. The first multi-scalar solution NTx is developing combines pharmacological agents, nanoparticles, and an innovative surgical device, which are intelligently integrated to provide a true breakthrough solution for medically managing traumatic brain injury (TBI). Technologically, this next generation approach to combine pharmaceutical, nanoparticle, and device interventions into a single integrated multi-scalar therapeutic product is potentially transformative and represents an unprecedented opportunity to improve outcomes for patients. To realize this mission, we have assembled a multidisciplinary team that is uniquely qualified to successfully drive this new paradigm, and in doing so, to revolutionize the entire field. NTx’s founders are experienced biotech executives, scientific thought leaders and clinical innovators, all driven with a singular passion - to improve outcomes for patients.

Our Pipeline



US Patent Application Serial No. 14/969,110




US Patent Application Serial No. 62/638,948


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We are using our proprietary knowledge and modelling capabilities to create, acquire, and strategically reposition/position new and existing therapeutics for indications that pre-qualify for FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation.




Q&A for our surgical device, NTX-18-WGL, the “BrainDome”

The unmet need:

When the brain is injured, it swells, but the skull prevents the brain from expanding, and this constriction leads to secondary injury. The primary injury is often reversible, but because of the high pressure inside the skull caused by the brain swelling, secondary injury is generally more serious and irreversible. Secondary injury accounts for millions of deaths each year. There is an unmet need for more innovative medical interventions to prevent the secondary injury. As a result, we are creating a surgical device to address this important problem, because there have been no substantive advances in the treatment of traumatic brain injury in the last 20 years.

Description of product:

The BrainDome is a surgical device that is fixed to the top of the head post craniectomy. The patent pending device consists of a flexible tented dome cover and seal of the exposed brain that allows the brain to expand without restriction. The BrainDome will ensure the brain is kept in a sterile environment for a prolonged period of time, and will have ports in the device to add pharmacological therapy, phototherapy, brain cooling, and monitoring opportunities that all work together to accelerate brain healing after primary injury, and prevent secondary injury.


Traumatic brain injury affects a wide spectrum of patients unrestricted by demographics or geography. It is estimated that 2.8 million people are hospitalized in the United States annually as a consequence of traumatic brain injury, which represents a $77 billion market. We estimate that about a third of these cases will have improved outcomes through the use of the BrainDome. We further estimate that the peak sales for the BrainDome will be $3.5 billion per year in the United States market alone.